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Integrating your CRM with a VoIP switchboard

In this article you will find the right information about CRM and VoIP and how they can interact together

First of all what is a CRM and consequently what is a VoIP virtual switchboard? A CRM is Customer Relationship Management translated from English as "customer relationship management." The goal of CRM is to enable the company to maintain continuous contact with customers through marketing strategies designed to improve customer relationships. 

The corporate CRM systematically records and organizes potential customers, and its information can be used by the work team. In fact, the platform is a digital environment in which the company's various departments can collaborate, saving time and promoting the sharing of information and expertise.

The VoIP system

VoIP is a technology that brings countless improvements to CRM management. VoIP is a technology that allows the Internet connection or use IP protocol instead of the private network of the traditional telephone network to conduct telephone conversations. 

Any technology that allows voice to pass through an IP channel (outgoing and incoming) is called VOIP. For several years, all major national telephone operators have been using VOIP technology to route communications over their traditional PBXs.

Integrating CRM with a VoIP switchboard

The purpose ofintegrating VoIP telephone switchboard and CRM system is mainly to elevate customer relationship to a higher level, to achieve effective and efficient dialogue, and to speed up many operations.

CRM software is becoming increasingly common in companies, and a large amount of customer data must be managed, including mobile devices, communications, orders, invoices, technical support, returns, appointments...

The main function of a VoIP phone is to have an IP address. This allows the tool to communicate with business software and CRM. The functionality of the VoIP phone isalso very advanced, allowing it to quickly manage call forwarding, address books, queues and extensions.

The usefulness of integrating VoIP telephone switchboard into CRM makes it possible to speed up communication with customers and prevent operators from wasting time in researching and interacting with customer data.