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Integrating business management with a VoIP virtual switchboard

In this article you will find a detailed explanation of how to integrate your company management system with a VoIP virtual switchboard.

Integrating a company management system with a VoIP virtual switchboard is essential nowadays, not only because we are in the most technological era ever, but also because we are in a post-pandemic period that has brought many problems to so many companies, and they have been faced with significant economic cutbacks.

This is already a good reason to integrate a VoIP virtual switchboard.

VoIP virtual switchboard

The virtual switchboard is a telephone network management system installed in a cloud server, using VoIP technology to manage telephone communications, a voice transmission system connected via the Internet, which provides helpers wherever communication services are needed.

Companies are using the VoIP virtual switchboard system to increase their business, making everything behind the scenes automatic, thus groaning at their customers.

It is perfect for any type of company, facility or studio, small, medium or large.

How to integrate it

Today, it's easy! Just give us a call or simply send an email to see which switchboard is right for you!!!

What are the advantages of integrating a VoIP virtual switchboard in a company?

Saving time

Of course, the first is to save you time, because in aVoIP virtual switchboard you can enter all the data and contacts of your customers, suppliers... so that you can easily contact them with a simple click, and you can also have a call history, both globally and specifically for each individual customer or supplier.

Less costs

Not to mention, of course, the great financial savings that a VoIP virtual switchboard allows you , as a system it uses the Internet and And so we can finally tear up contracts with the various telephone agencies we already have to which you give so much money but which allow you little.

From this it can easily be deduced that hardware costs will be eliminated, as will the cost of running and maintaining a traditional telephone line.

Greater communication

Unified communications are a good solution for companies with remote offices. If your colleague needs to work in another location, he only has to take his phone with him. Then other employees can continue to contact him.


The virtual switchboard will decrease the waiting time for each call, allowing you to have a more organised practice, it is a very efficient system that will increase the positive outlook of your practice.

Organisation first

Through the VoIP system, internal meetings between colleagues or external meetings between the firm, the company and their clients can be organised quickly. Based on client profiles, it is also easy to plan all upcoming events and share this information in real time.