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Telemarketing campaigns with dynamic CLI

In this article you will learn how to improve telemarketing campaigns with a dynamic CLI instead of using a traditional one

Telemarketing can be defined as a series of marketing activities carried out by means of telephone tools.

Telemarketing activities comprise direct telephone contact between one or more affiliated companies and the current or potential customers of those companies through commercial operators.

The purpose of this contact is however commercial, including telemarketing of goods or services (in this case, more appropriately, telesales), or more commonly, commercial advertising for company activities and products.

What is the CLI?

CLI stands for 'Caller ID' and is used to identify the number of the calling party.

How do telemarketing campaigns work with CLI?

You will certainly have received a call, foreign most of the time (number unknown), from, for example, a telephone operator offering you offers reserved only for you as a customer, or perhaps from an online trading group asking if you would like to join them...

All these calls use the telemarketing campaign system with CLI.

A big problem for those conducting telemarketing campaigns with CLI!

But let's see what could be the problem for those who carry out telemarketing campaigns with CLI?

The problem for those who make these calls is that the person receiving the call thinks they are trying to scam you and so they go and block the call centre number or even these numbers get on the spam list, because the companies always use the same number, so the caller who is perhaps not interested goes and blocks this number, because they do not want to receive any more calls.

It is a mistake both for the caller because he always calls with only one number and because the caller on the other end may one day be interested in the offer but will not be able to call back that fateful call centre number.

How to solve this problem?

It's that easy! Instead of using a simple CLI you should start with a DYNAMIC CLI:

The dynamic CLI is different from a traditional CLI because it allows you to call with always different numbers so that you can always call without being blocked or without getting into spam, dynamic clil is super convenient.

Why is it super convenient? Because users will be able to block many numbers you call with but not all of them because you will always have a new one, thanks to the dynamic CLI system!!!