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Robo-center campaigns, the new way of Telemarketing

In this article, you will learn how to better manage telemarketing thanks to robotic call centre campaigns

A call center is a facility where activities are carried out to manage the flow of incoming and/or outgoing calls. 

The inbound call center handles all inbound call activity. The user dials a dedicated number and the operator answers the call.

Outbound call centers are those businesses that handle outbound calls. A company's operator calls a directory to provide business services to other companies or individuals.

Outbound activities can be carried out by interactive operators and/or automated responders called IVRs. There are many ways to reach customers: newsletters, social media, banner ads, text messages, classic flyers...

Robotic call center campaigns

Call centers are also perfect for Telemarketing management because of their robotic call-center campaigns.

Initially, call centers have a list of numbers they have to call to sell or promote a product/system or software, but this turns out to be very disadvantageous because they take many minutes to explain everything and most of the time the response of the person called is "no" or "I am not interested."

So how can this be optimized? Through robotic call-center campaigns.

The robotic call center campaign works differently but in a much more effective way.

Let's go into detail; the call center in this case sends automated calls thanks to the IVR (Interactive Voice Response, or rather the interactive voice response) service, a system through which the operator will not waste time explaining the product/software to be advertised, but rather there will be a recorded voice that will explain for him the object of sale and its characteristics and in the end if the customer is interested all he has to do is click the corresponding number on the keypad, thus making an operator will take the call to give more details and close the deal.

Practical example

To better understand let's take a practical example: You will get a call on your phone, answering you will hear a voice of a recorded person who will inform you that what he is doing is an advertising campaign to sell you a special offer for an infectious service for your TV, he will tell you what are the main features of that, the cost... at the end of the presentation of the product the voice will say for example "if you want to talk to an operator for more details because you are interested press 1", the customer will have to do nothing else, if interested, than to click the number 1 thus passing the call to the first available operator to conclude the purchase.

Advantages of having a call-center running robo-campaigns

Certainly the first of the advantages of having a call center that conducts robo-campaigns is that of cost; the company will save for hardware since the call center system does not have the cost of the traditional fee nor the cost of maintenance, less call costs also because thanks to this system the operator will only talk to those who have accepted and are interested, the rest is taken care of by the IVR...

In addition, in just a few clicks you will have everything at your disposal, call logs, activation and deactivation of a campaign, recorded messages, multiple operators working for you who will talk only to the people concerned, call outcomes, contact lists and much more...