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Automating processes in the company with a VoIP virtual switchboard

In this article you will discover how to automate business processes with a simple system: the VoIP virtual switchboard

In this article, we will look at how to automate processes in a company with a VoIP virtual switchboard, starting first of all with what automation means; that is, making something automatic, in this case how to make business processes automatic with a VoIP virtual switchboard.

What can you make automatic?

You can automate the secretariat of your office, or the switchboard you have in your company, thus occupying less space in the building and optimising personnel costs, think for example when your secretary is on his lunch break... you would miss important calls, but with this system you will no longer miss any calls because you decide how to set up the virtual switchboard and thus you can extend the time of call entry even to 24 hours a day.

If you are a transport company, you definitely need a virtual switchboard whereby the customer can check the status of his order only after a call and after typing the order number on the keypad, (so as to avoid human errors in dictating the digits, which happens very often)

If you are an accountant, surely having a cloud helps you share progress and all the files you need to share with clients, but not only that! The VoIP system allows you to continuously share information and files across workplaces, facilities and internal organisations.

This way you can also carefully plan activities and use the internal chat to continuously exchange information and files.

Obviously, these advantages are also the same in terms of communicating and sharing with customers outside the work environment, because they can be kept in touch quickly in order to effectively meet and solve all their needs.

You can, for example, automate the traditional telephones you have in your office... How? Thanks to a VoIP switchboard you will eliminate all those expenses of traditional telephone fees because VoIP uses the internet line, not to mention the fact that you will permanently eliminate the costs for expensive hardware.

Thanks to this system, your smart working employees will no longer find it difficult to contact internal colleagues or external customers, they will no longer use their private number, they will be able to answer directly with their company number, from the comfort of their desk at home.

The VoIP virtual switchboard also does not hinder those who have many offices in a different territory, this is a feature that is essential in 2021, because using the internet as a system you will always remain connected with the whole world wherever you are...