Services for individuals and companies to make and receive calls at the best market prices and with the versatility of VoIP.


    We specialise in providing core services for call centres and telemarketing agencies.


    Customised white-label platforms for the resale of own-brand services and customer management.

Call-Centre VoIP traffic

We are interconnected directly in SS7 to 2 Italian power stations to offer you the best quality and price

Cut out any middlemen with our service

We are directly connected to 2 major Italian carriers via SS7 protocol. This will give you a very high call response rate and very high quality.

Real-time dashboard

You can see active calls in real time and manage error codes

Direct Routes

We only use direct Italian routes to major carriers TIM, BT

Customised CLI

We can provide you with CLI customisation systems to increase response rates

So much traffic, so much discount.

Our tariffs, we start at a high price because we need margin to support the costs of exchanges and interconnections. If you have a lot of minutes per day, we manage to arrive at a price towards mobiles almost as high as the interconnection price

0.0098 € / min.

Contact us to find out what price we can give you based on the amount of minutes you will run on our network.

We offer you a 50 cent. trial to send SMS messages.
avoid fraud, we will initially validate the sending of your SMS.

We use Vohippo for our 3 call centres and after extensive research we realised that they are the provider with the most consistency and reliability over time.

With other carriers we were doing well one day, bad the next, and could never understand why.

In the last 4 years we have realised that being directly interconnected makes a difference and our percentage of closed contracts has increased by a good 30% compared to before.

I can recommend this provider but whatever other provider you choose, make sure they have direct routes.
Eva Rinaldi - Administrator

Why the direct connection?

The direct connection to major carriers is the only one that is reliable and can give you a high response rate. When you buy telephone traffic from a reseller or wholesaler, traffic is usually mixed according to situations, circumstances, and sometimes the reseller does not even know that his traffic is mixed together with international carrier traffic.

This leads to false 404 codes, non-existent numbers and many other cases that do not allow you to perform at your best.

Configure your Trunk

We take care of configuration on Asterisk, GoAutoDial, Vicidial and any other SIP software

We monitor the response rate

Thanks to our automated systems, we are able to keep track of your call answering rate.

A few numbers

These are real numbers flowing daily through our fibre network throughout Europe

minutes of outgoing calls
0 K
total number of calls
0 %
percentage of calls answered

Still have doubts?

If you are still not convinced about this service, contact us now and one of our consultants will contact you to give you all the information you need within a few hours.