Services for individuals and companies to make and receive calls at the best market prices and with the versatility of VoIP.


    We specialise in providing core services for call centres and telemarketing agencies.


    Customised white-label platforms for the resale of own-brand services and customer management.

We have the lowest rates in Italy.

Thanks to years of experience, we are the number one telephone service provider in Europe and we are ready to prove it to you. Try our services for free.

Resell services and earn money

Being a reseller is the easiest step we have to monetise through our services.

Being a reseller means selling Vohippo-branded products to your customers and earning a percentage on their phone top-ups forever.

Approval for the resale programme is made at the company's discretion and can be revoked at any time if the user's behaviour does not comply with our resale rules.

If you want to resell our services in white-label mode, see Wholesale mode.