Services for individuals and companies to make and receive calls at the best market prices and with the versatility of VoIP.


    We specialise in providing core services for call centres and telemarketing agencies.


    Customised white-label platforms for the resale of own-brand services and customer management.

Effective Telemarketing Campaigns

The only cloud-based software to properly and quickly manage your Teleselling or Telemarketing call centre that generates leads automatically.

These are just some of the modules available.

Simplifying the work of a call centre is hard work, but over time, thanks to customer feedback, we have managed to develop every single module that can support you in your work and simplify all the steps to selling by phone.

Real-time dashboard

You can see all incoming calls, outgoing calls, connected operators and the status of extensions in real time.


Add and remove your call bundles at any time without limits and manage incoming and outgoing rules


You can set up automatic or manual campaigns, or use Predictive to lower waiting times

Contact Lists

Upload your callsigns and manage lists on no answer, busy, or closed contacts so that you have a clear situation.

Call Outcomes

Set and then search your individual calls according to the outcomes assigned to customers so that you can manage them by category

Managing recalls

Mark the calls to be made and the software will handle them for you so you don't forget a single call

The only real alternative to Vicidial

The graphical user interface of our entirely in-house developed Dial system allows you to act on every system setting without ever touching code.

Username : admin Password : demodemo

Acquire interested leads with robocalls

Generate leads interested in your services through survey campaigns where the customer listens to a message and is only passed on to the operator if they are really interested.


It requires no hardware and therefore no maintenance of any kind. You will never have to replace it.


Routing changes, recorded messages, operators and everything else you need in a few simple clicks.


In a world where everything is in motion, you too need to move.


The starter version for small call centres
  • 1 operator
  • Manual Campaigns
  • Robotised Campaigns
  • Offline Campaigns
  • List Management
  • Outcome Management
  • Operator panel
  • Text to Speech and Music
  • Trunk and Route Management
  • Technical Assistance
  • Call recording
  • Webhook Management


The most widely used version
  • 5 operators
  • Manual Campaigns
  • Robotised Campaigns
  • Off-line Campaigns
  • List Management
  • Outcome Management
  • Operator panel
  • Text to Speech and Music
  • Trunk and Route Management
  • Technical Assistance
  • Call recording
  • Webhook Management
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Quality and price

We do our utmost every day to keep our prices as low as possible but we always prioritise quality and customisation of our products.


If you have any special requests for integration with your management system or call centre, thanks to the separate instances we can, at any time and in a short time, make any changes to adapt our software to your workflow.

99.95% uptime

Thanks to redundant machines in several data centres, we can guarantee a very high uptime of services.

Our machines are located in several server farms in Europe and data are backed up by external backups.

Still have doubts?

If you are still not convinced about this service, contact us now and one of our consultants will contact you to give you all the information you need within a few hours.