Services for individuals and companies to make and receive calls at the best market prices and with the versatility of VoIP.


    We specialise in providing core services for call centres and telemarketing agencies.


    Customised white-label platforms for the resale of own-brand services and customer management.

VoIP telephony goes from here...

We are interconnected to the main telephone carriers via fibre and have advanced telephone systems for managing your locations.

Communicating with the rest of the world is easy.

We have all the telephone services you need to bring your business to peak performance. Take a look below

Telephone traffic

We provide direct telephone traffic for companies and large call centres throughout Europe.

Virtual Switchboard

100% customisable Virtual Switchboard with IVR management, Queues and more.

Geographical Numbers

Telephone numbers from all over the world to receive local calls from any country.

We have many other services available to manage your company or your call-center in VoIP technology, simplifying processes as much as possible.

SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS sending service with guaranteed delivery

Voice assistant

Automated voice system for managing reservations

Operator recognition

Mobile operator verification service on lists of numbers

Robo-call Telemarketing

Telemarketing platform for automated management

Calls to Italy

We have the absolute best rates for calls to Italy.
Compare them with any other VoIP operator and put us to the test.

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We specialise in Call Centre Management

Here are some of our specific services for Call-Center and Telemarketing

A call centre has completely different needs than a company and must be able to have telephone tools to support their workload

This is what our customers think of us.

We have all the telephone services you need to bring your business to peak performance. Take a look below

Retis Italia Franchising
Retis Italia Franchising
Managing Director
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I tried Vohippo in 2016 and found it really interesting because in one Suite it provided me with all the right phone tools for my business at a very affordable cost.
Mauro Lombati
Mauro Lombati
Managing Director
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I activated Vohippo primarily for virtual switchboard and still use it today to resell to all my customers. The service works well and the support, despite being only via e-mail, they respond in quite reasonable timeframes.

Some Vohippo numbers

cloud servers working 24h
100 K
minutes of calls made per day