Services for individuals and companies to make and receive calls at the best market prices and with the versatility of VoIP.


    We specialise in providing core services for call centres and telemarketing agencies.


    Customised white-label platforms for the resale of own-brand services and customer management.

We have the lowest rates in Italy.

Thanks to years of experience, we are the number one telephone service provider in Europe and we are ready to prove it to you. Try our services for free.

Create your own company in the TLC sector without infrastructure.

With our white label platforms you will be able to create your own customised product. Virtual Switchboard, SMS Marketing and many more, with your own branding and customised packages.

Step 1

Analysis of your Business

The first step is to understand which business you are going to develop in the VoIP and TLC sector and you will be followed by our staff with years of experience

Step 2

Platform installation

Once the analysis has been performed, our technicians will install and customise your platforms by assigning them SSL certificates.

Step 3

Operational in approximately 72 hours

You will be up and running within a few days and will be able to go out on the market with your offers to your customers, always supported by our staff.

Available API services

With wholesale platforms available, we always have APIs for seamless integration with our own CRM or management system.

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daily calls to our API

Why become Wholesale?

Telephony and cloud switchboards are revolutionising the world today. Even traditional operators such as Telecom today no longer invest in switched exchanges but assign voip numbers.