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VoIP virtual switchboard for accountants

In this article you will find the optimal solution for an accountancy firm: a VoIP virtual switchboard

With Covid-19 many accountancy firms have decided to move their work remotely, thanks to feedback we have realised that the data is clear: they need to work with a company phone despite being at home and are thus forced to use their private numbers to call clients.

Adopting a traditional telephone service for those in smart work is practically impossible due to their costs and certainly not that easy either.

Therefore, the only plausible solution is certainly that of a VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) switchboard, which adopts an Internet system for telephone communication within the practice.

How does a VoIP virtual switchboard for accountants work?

Within an accountancy firm, it is necessary to continuously monitor and respond to enquiries arriving through channels such as e-mail, PEC, and contacts via social networks

The system offers the caller the possibility of choosing several options from those proposed by dialling the number corresponding to each option. This service allows you to handle a large number of incoming calls and provide standard information throughout the day when you do not need to speak directly with the practice staff.


Another fundamental point to remember is that through the VoIP switchboard you can manage and organise internal calls without any constraints. With the VoIP system, it is possible to take advantage of the fibre or ADSL connection to make video conferences with customers wherever they are, all they need is an Internet connection. These operations will be quite simple, as no complex installation work is required and the existence of various types of cables and wiring will be greatly reduced.

Programming and sharing

Through the VoIP system, you can quickly and directly schedule any internal meetings between colleagues or external meetings between accountants and their clients. It is also easy to plan all upcoming events and share this information in real time, based on the client's profile.

The VoIP system allows you to continuously share information and files in your workplace, structure and very internal organisation.
This way you can also carefully plan activities and use internal chat to constantly exchange information and documents.

Of course, these advantages are also the same in terms of communicating and sharing with clients outside the firm, with whom it is possible to maintain quick contact in order to be able to satisfy and resolve their needs effectively.


If the association has several locations in the territory, a significant advantage provided by this VoIP virtual switchboard is that it can make free calls between users in the same VoIP network, and thus belong to the same association.

Choosing a solution such as a virtual switchboard allows you to equip your accountancy firm with a powerful tool, which eliminates the costs of purchasing, maintaining and updating hardware, a typical feature of traditional equipment.