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5 reasons to activate a VoIP virtual switchboard in your practice

In this article you will discover the 5 reasons to implement a virtual switchboard in your practice

Are you ready to optimize your medical practice? This is the article that will lead you to positively answer the question you just read!

Surely you will ask yourself one of these two questions over and over again?

How do I answer all those calls coming into my practice at the same time?
Can I save money on my phone bill?

...and the answer is only one: to insert a virtual switchboard in my medical practice!

How can a virtual switchboard help a medical practice?

It is critical to handle all inquiries as quickly and courteously as possible so every medical practice needs an efficient virtual switchboard.

Here is a list of 5 reasons to have a virtual switchboard within a medical practice whether it is run by a single physician or multiple figures, based on feedback we gathered from the reality of those who still use a landline or cell phone to take reservations and those who have already made the switch to a VoIP switchboard:

1.Best benefit with least cost

The main advantage of VoIP technology is that it takes advantage of the Internet connection, allowing it to replace traditional telephone lines. You will thus have all the advantages of an innovative and advanced office telephone system.

A virtual switchboard in medical institutions saves you money on traditional telephone switchboard service.

You will also optimize spending on expensive hardware, which besides being expensive, also needs maintenance and paid technical interventions to improve the service periodically.

How long on average have you been waiting on the phone to contact the technician because something was wrong?

With a virtual switchboard you have scheduled and guaranteed care even if you are a small medical practice, less time wasted more money saved!

You will also eliminate all that just the activation and installation costs being virtual in fact.

2.Improved management of incoming calls

If you are not available by phone during the time slots in which your practice is open, your patients will leave voicemail messages that you then have to listen to and process.
Keep in mind that most new patients will not leave a voicemail message, and will go to the next doctor's office that is open at that particular time. I don't think you want to lose customers over such a small thing.

That's why a virtual switchboard is the perfect system that will help you be the first choice for customers.

This is all thanks to the IVR system. (A system that can interactively read information to the caller via the telephone keypad, allows you to read a series of pre-recorded messages, read multiple dialing menus, store data entered from the keypad...)

The virtual switchboard will answer for you when you're busy operating or visiting patients, when you're busy in important meetings and can't answer your phone, or when your secretaries are on lunch break or have other duties to attend to.

3.Reduce the waiting time for phone calls

Many patients want to speak directly with the doctor when they call, but considering that every doctor has to keep a busy schedule of appointments, this is not possible in most cases. In these situations, many medical office secretaries put the caller in a waiting state and try to find someone competent who can talk to the patient.

This approach will cause many problems, when callers wait a long time and become impatient, other patients find that the line is busy.

The virtual switchboard will decrease the wait with each call, allowing you to have a more organized practice with a happier clientele and thus better work.

4.Less call turnout

With a virtual switchboard, your medical practice will be able to take many more reservations at the same number, in the same time period.

By using a virtual switchboard, you will be available in the eyes of everyone else 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays and weekends.

5.Improve the image of your medical practice

Nowadays, people do not want to waste time; rather, they need to be heard as quickly and as well as possible-that is why a virtual switchboard will improve the image and content of your medical practice.

The virtual switchboard is a quick, efficient way that will allow you to have a larger and more satisfied customer base!